If you’re one of our scouts, you’ll be amongst friends who want excitement and adventure. You’ll want to learn how to look after yourself and you’ll want to try new things. We promise you “Everyday Adventure”- you won’t climb Everest, but you may climb Snowdon. And you’ll learn how to do a lot of things safely without adults supervising you.

It’s all about taking charge yourself.

Scouts is largely based upon outdoor activities. Our scouts have many camps each year, and learn survival skills.

Being outdoors is important. Taking part in traditional Scouting skills, such as camping, survival and cooking as well as a wide range of adventurous activities from abseiling to yachting, form a significant part of our programme.

Our Scouting is about taking full part in the adventure and opportunities of life.

For membership enquiries for the Scout section, email or ring Tony on 07850 159325