We offer

A strong wholly volunteer leadership team focused on excellence in helping girls and boys develop confidence and independence through a program of fun activities. We base many of our activities in the great outdoors, where young people can undertake new and challenging activities. We gradually introduce them to making their own choices, and to taking responsibility for their own actions. Not necessarily something they get through school!

We have an excellent hall and a large secure activity field.  Our equipment is top -notch.

Beavers (age 6-8) start on the path to independence by taking part in sleepovers, and by gaining badges in a wide variety of subjects. Cubs are already well along the path, and are offered longer camps and more challenging opportunities. Scouts may camp bushcraft style- eg without tents. They learn enough to choose and cook their own menus> Many activities have only the lightest supervision necessary for safety.

All sections are mixed. We don’t have just a few girls, either. Our adventurous activities attract girls and boys alike.

We run a wide range of activities both on meeting nights and also at weekends and other times.

Check out our photos above, or our photo blog on http://4r.4th-rochford.org.uk